The DLF AIG Metadata Working Group is welcome to collaborations with both other DLF Assessment Interest Group working groups and other organizations. During early 2017, the goal was to gather information and collect ideas for collaboration. Volunteers served as “liaisons” for the following groups and kept up-to-date with both groups’ activities and bring up or document any possible areas for collaborative work as they appear.

Metadata Analysis Workshop

During 2017, the Metadata Working Group worked to expand on a metadata analysis workshop first given by DPLA at DPLA2017. This new workshop will first be offered at DLFForum2017. It will aim to introduce library, archive, and museum metadata practitioners and technologists with the basic skills and knowledge needed to assess metadata quality using data analysis tools. The updated curriculum will include an introduction to the Metadata Assessment Framework developed by the Metadata Working Group and will close by helping participants strategize ways to bring these tools back into their daily workflows and continue to train others they work with to do the same. A Github repository with the material from the workshop can be found here.